A nameplate that reflects your personality

Designer Nameplate for House

Fancy nameplates are becoming popular with people who think differently. A nameplate reflects your personality, your attitude.

You have taken care of all the major and clear details to internalize. But did you check the nameplate? A nameplate reflects your personality, your attitude. These days they come in various forms – mostly unconventional designs that make your name stand out.

Creatively designed nameplates can become a striking add-on to entrances and doors, or sometimes even to rooms. An omnipresent item first, nameplates are becoming a style statement, especially among those adding unique elements to a beautiful decoration.

The Pune-based designer nameplate brand caters to individuals, corporates and organizations with periodic, contemporary and traditionally designed name plates. These designer nameplates are made with artistic fusion of frosted glass, Metal, acrylic or just plain and classic wood and even stones made of natural stones or brass letters.

Whereas wood, glass, acrylic and metal etching nameplates can cost anything between Rs 500 to Rs 4500. Designer stone nameplates are more expensive in the range of Rs 6,000 to Rs 18,500. They are planning to install Kids, Sports Person, Politician nameplates soon and also customize them for users. “More home buyers are now opting for entry plates. It has become an essential part of the decoration of their house, which reflects the personality of the person living in the house.

Keeping this in mind, we often design changes to suit the interests of customers. Special designers, calligraphers and typo artists are assigned to create the alphabets on them”, says Rakesh Karli, director – Kalakruti.

This trend never ceases between consumers and their increasing demands. That is why we have come up with different designer nameplates in different shiny and matte look. Glossy, textured, matte or metallic textures that can be combined with wood, glass, stone or steel. Prices range from Rs 500 to Rs 18500 depending on the combinations used.

A name reflects your personality – so put some more thought behind it. Get that dull and buried name label from your entrance. It doesn’t really do much justice to your personality, does it? Instead, get a style nameplate, which also shows a part of you.

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