Vastu & Nameplate

The name plate at your home entrance says a lot about you. They would be the starting point of leaving a great impression on people to enter your abode. However, name plates are not only about leaving impressions; they mean more than that. According to Vastu, they could help attract positive energy inside of your home.

Here are some tips that should be kept in mind while placing the name plate to make the most of it:

  • Choose a name with a positive meaning.
  • Avoid duplications of the name.
  • Make sure that the name written on the plate is easily readable.
  • The colours used in the name plate should be selected based on the directions.
  • Pick Metal name plates for north-facing homes.
  • Choose the right material, colour and font for your name plate.
  • Pick green or brown colour Nameplates for east-facing homes.

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